Diesel engine fuel injection pump oil supply law

- Aug 23, 2019 -

The fuel injection pump should supply oil to the injector according to a reasonable oil supply rule to ensure that the fuel injection law of the injector matches well with the formation and combustion process of the mixture. In addition, in order to prevent the dripping of the injector, the fuel injection pump must also ensure that the oil supply can be stopped quickly.

The fuel supply law of the fuel injection pump is determined by the shape of the cam profile and the law of the movement of the plunger. The oil supply law is different at different positions. However, the cam shape cannot be changed by the design, but the position of the fuel supply start point can be Adjusted. If the fuel supply duration of the plunger is within the incorrect range of the cam profile, the fuel supply start rate will be slow, and the fuel supply duration will be too long to cause a rearward shift, which will increase the thermal load of the diesel engine parts.

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