Hand-held mobile fire pump operation and application

- Aug 30, 2019 -

The hand lift fire pump is a fire pump set that can be transported by hand and assembled with a light engine. The hand-lifting fire pump unit is composed of a light gasoline engine or a diesel engine and a fire pump system. The overall layout should be reasonable, the structure should be compact, the volume should be small, the weight should be 100kg, the vacuum sealing performance should be 2.6kPa, the maximum vacuum degree should be 85.0kPa, and the water should be diverted. The time is ≦35.0s and other parameters, the whole machine is composed of water pump, water diverter, gasoline, diesel engine and other components.

The purpose of hand-lifting diesel engine fire pump is mainly applicable to fire fighting of armed police firefighting troops, professional fire brigades, industrial and mining enterprises, county towns, villages and towns, etc. It is more advantageous in areas where fire-fighting vehicles cannot pass, and the hand-lifting fire pump can also drain and resist drought. Ideal equipment for greening watering, water supply and emergency disaster relief.

Working principle: The whole pump is composed of a water pump, a water diverter, a gasoline or a diesel engine. The engine is first started to drive the water pump impeller to rotate at a high speed, and the water is pumped from the water inlet pipe through a vacuum pump vacuum or a venting vacuum. The water pump is introduced to generate pressure through the high number of rotations of the pump impeller, and then drained through the water outlet of the water pump.

Operation Method Prepare the engine Check the preparations before starting the engine according to the requirements of the engine user manual. The water diverter checks the amount of oil in the lube cup of the diverter, which should not be enough. The water pump and accessories are equipped with a water hose, a water gun, and a water filter and a water filter at the end. The bend of the suction pipe shall not be higher than the water inlet of the water pump. Install the rubber pad of the suction pipe joint and tighten it to prevent air leakage. The suction pipe water filter should be less than 0.5 m from the water surface and should not be close to the bottom of the pool (or river) to prevent inhalation of dirt. Check that the pump drain valve and outlet valve are closed.

Engine starting According to the requirements of the engine user manual, the engine is started, and the engine should be in an idle state after starting. The water pump water diversion engine starts the idling speed and increases the engine speed to about 3600/min. Push the throttle switch to the high speed position, open the front switch of the water diverter, and press the water deflector lever to make the water diverter rotate to the water outlet of the diverter at high speed. , gradually open the water pump outlet valve, the pump water. Close the diverter switch, release the diversion lever, the diverter stops rotating, and the diversion is over. The Dongjin firefighter lift mobile fire pump has the characteristics of high power, light weight, simple structure, convenient use and maintenance, and quick start. The water supply system is the working part of the hand lift pump, and the hand lift is the support body of the whole machine. When using, pull the handle horizontally to raise the hand lift pump. Because the hand-lifting pump is light and flexible, it is not restricted by traffic, electricity, and regional obstacles. It has been widely used to save poor traffic conditions for industrial and mining enterprises, warehouses, ports, terminals, and rural areas. Fire trucks are difficult to pass or cannot arrive in time. The place where the fire started.

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