VE type distribution pump working process

- Aug 28, 2019 -

1) Oil inlet process: When the concave portion of the cam profile of the planar cam disc is turned into contact with the roller, the plunger return spring pushes the dispensing plunger from right to left to the bottom dead center of the plunger, at which time the plunger is dispensed The oil inlet groove 3 communicates with the oil inlet hole on the plunger sleeve, and the fuel enters the plunger chamber and the center oil hole through the oil inlet passage.

2) Pumping process: When the planar cam disc is rotated from the concave portion to the convex portion in contact with the roller, the dispensing plunger moves from left to right under the push of the cam profile. Usually when the plunger is at the bottom dead center, the oil inlet groove of the plunger head just misses the oil intake.

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