Aluminum Housing Frequency Converter Velocity Modulation Three-Phase Induction Motor

Aluminum Housing Frequency Converter Velocity Modulation Three-Phase Induction Motor

Product Details

Brief introduction of production

MSVF series of variable frequency motor aluminum absorbed the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, is my company’s MS series of recent improvements to products, applications designed with computer aided technology, energy and foreign types of frequency conversion device matched. Axial fan motor with an independent to ensure that motor at different speeds have good cooling effect.
MSVF series of motors installed size and power ratings to satisfy the IEC standard, the corresponding relations and MS (aluminum enclosure) and Y2 (cast iron shell) series motors exactly the same, interchangeable and versatile. Has a speed range, high efficiency energy saving, low noise, little vibration, reliable operation and soon.
This series motors are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, textile, pharmaceutical, printing, package, food, fans, pumps, machine tools (such as numerical control machine tools, machining centers), etc. Need to speed transfer device industry, is an ideal communication speed of new products. It also can produce all kinds of VVVF three phase asynchronous motor with electromagnetic brake.

Production use conditions

Ambient temperature: -15℃ - +40℃

Work: S1 (continuous operation system)

Use of the environment: no more than 1000 meters above sea level

Rated Voltage: 380V (other voltage is sold separately set protocol)

Rated frequency: 50 - 100Hz (which 50Hz following constant torque speed; over the constant power speed)

Protection class: IP54 or IP55

Benchmark Number of poles: 4P

Benchmark Frequency: 50Hz

Cooling method: IC0141 (an independent fan cooling)

Technical Parameters


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