Brief introduction of production

MS series (square) aluminum motor is totally enclosed and fan cooled squirrel cage AC induction motors, using the latest technology at home and abroad is the latest development in my company, one of a series of aluminum motors. Motors with high efficiency energy saving, high starting torque, good performance, low noise, little vibration, protection grade high, handsome in appearance, reliable operation, wide range of application, long life and so on. Efficiency of national minimum efficiency standards in line with European EFF2, but also enhance the for Europe and the United States EFF1 efficient standards. Products reach the international advanced level in 90 years.

Square aluminum motor can be typically used: pumps, machine tools, compressors, pipeline, food machinery, transmission equipment and a variety of precison machinery.

Production use conditions
Ambient temperature: -15℃ - +40℃
Work: S1 (continuous operation system)
Use of the environment: no more than 1000 meters above sea level
Cooling method: IC0141 (the fan from the fan cooling)
Rated Voltage: 380V (other voltage is sold separately set protocol)
Rated frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
Insulation grade: class B or class F
Protection class: IP54 or IP55
Wiring Method: 3KW and below as the “Y” wiring, 4KW and above as “△” wiring

Technical Parameters


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