About The Water Pump Control Cabinet

- May 31, 2017 -

A variety of control mode, multiple signal interface, protection function, reasonable design, reliable operation, high efficiency and energy saving. Compared with traditional water towers, variable frequency constant pressure water supply system, can save construction funds and space, save electricity, avoid two of pollution, maintain water pressure constant, avoid pipe network rupture and faucet resonance phenomenon, realize unattended, balanced pump life, and in the event of fire, timely and prompt fire pressure to start. It is an ideal product for integrating water supply control and water supply management system. It can flexibly configure conventional pump, deep well, sewage pump and dormant pump to realize the full automation of water supply system.

Control cabinet function

Perfect protection function: With short circuit, over-current, overpressure, overheating, overload and other protection, water pump operation if there is applause, automatic stop work and alarm output; The system has the function of self-check, fault judgment, fault memory, malfunction display, and automatic starting standby pump.

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