Basic Theory Of Water Pump And Diesel Pump Station

- Aug 13, 2019 -

Pump classification and definition

Water pump: It is a hydraulic machine that transfers the energy of the outside world to the pumped liquid, so that the energy of the liquid is increased to achieve the purpose of lifting and transporting liquid.

Classification: vane pump, positive displacement pump, other types of pumps

Centrifugal pump, mixed flow pump, axial flow pump - three are vane pumps

The main components of the pump:

1. Pump shaft: It is the main part that drives the impeller to rotate. It must have sufficient strength to transmit the torque.

2. Impeller: The centrifugal pump impeller is divided into closed, semi-closed and open type;

The axial flow pump impeller can be divided into fixed type, semi-adjustable type and full adjustment type according to whether the blade can adjust the installation angle on the impeller;

The mixed flow pump impeller is interposed between the centrifugal pump and the axial flow pump.

3, mouth ring: also known as the leak ring, seal ring, the role is to prevent leakage.

4. Shaft sealing device:

Packing sealing letter: It is composed of stuffing box, packing box, seasoning gland, packing and so on. Filler, packing gland and water seal ring form a stuffing box.

Water seal ring (filler ring) role: water seal, cooling, lubrication.

Mechanical seal: separate static ring, moving ring.

5, bearing:

Centrifugal pump: The role of the bearing is to support the weight of the rotating part, as well as to withstand the axial and radial forces of the pump during operation.

Axial flow pump: The role of the guide bearing is to guide the rotating part of the unit to rotate accurately around the axis and to withstand the radial force of the rotating part.

6. Pressurized water chamber: used to install the impeller. Type: guide vane type, axial flow type.

Pump casing: There are two kinds of volute type and guide vane type.

Guide vane function: diffuse water flow, recover part of kinetic energy, change the direction of water flow.

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