Centrifugal Pump Is The Key To Determine The Height Of Pump

- Dec 06, 2017 -

Centrifugal pump installation technology key pump installation height of determination. This refers to the height of water pump impeller to the centerline of the vertical distance, and it allows the height of vacuum suction pump nameplate or not, the product specification of the vacuum suction height is allowed to pump inlet on the cross, and the vacuum pressure is in 1 standard;20 Celsius temperature circumstance, test and measurement. It does not take into consideration of the water flow condition after pipelines. And pump suction height of installation should be allowed on the height of vacuum suction piping loss deduction, the remnant of the head after the part, it must overcome numerical terrain bibulous height. Pump installation height value cannot exceed, otherwise, the pump will be no water. In addition, affect the size of the calculated value is bibulous pipeline resistance losses, therefore, the head should adopt shortest line layout and short-ship elbow accessories as far as possible, also can consider appropriate with larger diameter of pipe, tube with reduced velocity.

It should be noted that the altitude and the location of the pump is different from the test conditions, such as the local altitude of more than 300 meters or more than 20 degrees Celsius water pump, the calculated value must be modified. Namely atmospheric pressure at different altitudes and saturated steam pressure above 20 degrees Celsius. However, when the temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, the saturated steam pressure is negligible. 

From the piping installation technology, the strict requirement of water pipeline leak sealing, cannot leak, or will damage the vacuum pump inlet, thus reduce water pump, and even take no water. Therefore, careful in pipeline interfaces, ensure the construction quality of pipe connections.

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