Diesel Engine Water Pump Daily Maintenance

- Aug 17, 2019 -

First, the pump before the start of the inspection: 1. Check the water level of the pump tank is normal. 2. Contact the electrical inspection motor and pass the power supply after passing the insulation. 3. Check that the oil level of each bearing is normal and the oil quality is qualified. 4. Flex the backrest wheel. 5. Check that the meter is complete and complete, and that the meter is open. 6. The water inlet door is opened and the outlet door is closed (there is a recirculating system, the recirculation should be properly turned on). 7. Turn on the pump and let the air valve close after the water is continuously discharged. (If there is no air valve, check the air pressure in the pump to check whether there is air in the pump.) 8. The local pump control switch is in the remote position.

2. Startup steps: 1. Contact the centralized control room to start the pump and check the following items: outlet pressure and current, normal vibration, no abnormal sound in the pump and motor. 2. Slowly open the pump outlet door while paying attention to changes in pressure and current. 3. If the starting current is too large, the indication of the ammeter cannot be returned to the position of the pump's empty load after starting, then the pump should be stopped. If the two consecutive closings are unsuccessful, the starting should be stopped. start up. 4. The empty load should not exceed 2-3 minutes after the pump starts. 5. For variable frequency control pumps, adjust the pump operating frequency as needed to meet the needs. 6. After checking that the pump is running normally, contact the centralized control room to enter the interlock state.

3. Operation and maintenance: 1. Carefully monitor the current and pressure. 2. According to the flow, pressure, current and working conditions, timely adjustment of the motor frequency is suitable for the actual needs (the adjustment of the condensate pump and the feed pump should be carried out through the combination of recirculation and inverter). Tianjin pump repair. 3. Check the water pump bearing temperature and vibration and the packing temperature every other hour, and do not exceed the specified value. The pump with oil chamber should also check the oil level is normal, the oil quality is qualified (no emulsification and discoloration) 4. Pump vibration value: the speed is below 3000r/min, ≤50um qualified, 1500r/min or less, ≤80um qualified.

4. Stop the pump: 1. Disconnect the water pump. 2. Close the pump outlet door. 3. Disconnect the operation switch. 4. If the pump needs to be dismantled for maintenance, close its inlet and outlet doors and power off, and hang up the warning sign.

V. Precautions: 1. The condensate pump should check the water seal door and the air door before starting. Check the water seal at the water seal during operation. 2. When starting the feed pump, check that the bearing cooling water is unblocked and proper. Fault treatment of the feed water pump Vaporization of the feed water pump The phenomenon of vaporization of the feed water pump: 1. The feed water pump speed, outlet pressure, flow rate drop or shaking. 2. The sound of the pump body and the pipeline is abnormal and the vibration is increased. 3. White moisture is emitted from the seals at both ends of the pump. Reasons for the vaporization of the feed pump 1. The inlet filter of the feed pump is blocked. 2. There is air or steam in the water inlet pipe of the feed pump. 3. Deaerator water level or pressure drop. 4. The flow rate of the feed water is too low and the recirculation door is not open. 5. The flow rate of the diesel engine pump suddenly increases, and the water level of the deaerator decreases. Treatment of the feed water vaporization 1. Open the feed water pump to recirculate the adjustment door. 2. Increase the water level and pressure of the deaerator. 3. When the treatment is invalid, the fault feed pump should be stopped immediately. 4. Open the air pump before opening the water supply valve.

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