Diesel Engine Water Pump Maintenance And Maintenance

- Aug 19, 2019 -

1. Daily maintenance and maintenance of the pump: daily maintenance.

Check the pump power supply lead, whether it is aging, broken skin, the copper core of the power cord is leaking. In this case, if the power cord is on the shore, it can be wrapped. If it is in the water, it is best to replace the power cord.

2. How to deal with abnormal noise in the pump: There are three reasons for abnormal noise.

1. The pump bearing is damaged and needs to be replaced.

2. The pump impeller is loose and ground to the bottom end of the water pump outlet.

Three. Pump coil damage

3. The diesel water pump can not supply water normally after starting: there are four reasons why the pump can not supply water normally.

1. Is the pump a centrifugal pump? Do you need water diversion?

2. Whether the pump is reversed, if it is reversed, replace the capacitor connector method.

3. Whether there is any foreign matter in the water outlet of the pump or the gap of the impeller.

4. Is the pump seal safe?

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