How To Choose The Correct Water Pump

- May 31, 2017 -

In the selection of pumps should pay attention to the following points:

1. To the formal, large-scale agricultural machinery shopping malls. Regular shopping malls to product quality control more stringent, the credibility is better, even if the quality of the problem, but also good with distributors to negotiate.

2. Buy brand-name manufacturers products. Brand-name manufacturers of products after market testing, is the quality of trustworthy products, so buy it more assured.

3. Check whether the nameplate is complete or not. Nameplate shall be fixed in the obvious part of the pump, and indicate the name of the factory, address, submersible pump name, model, specified flow, the specified head, supporting pipe diameter, rated power, rated frequency, rated voltage, current, synchronous speed, phase number, insulation grade, factory number or factory date, electric pump weight, product standard number, product license number and so on. The pump should also be marked with a steering. If the item on the label is not marked or marked on the product logo, The water pump is not suitable for purchase.

4. Check whether the manufacturer has obtained a production license. Check and inspect the instructions, packaging, etc. to the Distributor to determine whether the manufacturer has a production license. If no, it is illegal production, its product quality is unreliable, do not buy. Submersible pump production license number is Xk 06-116, must be carefully identified before purchase.

5. Select the submersible pump according to the head height of the water level from the ground to determine and select the head of the submersible pump. The national standard stipulates that the safe head used in submersible pumps shall be between the 83 of the prescribed head. For example, the specification model is CS25-24 3 Fountain submersible pump, its stipulation flow is 25 cubic meters per hour, the stipulation head is 24 meter, then the water level distance ground height in the 24x (83) namely 19.9.13 Meter range is more suitable.

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