How To Pick Out Proper Fire Pumps?

- Nov 30, 2017 -

Fire pumps may be installed on fire-fighting systems. In fact, different types of fire pumps have different characteristics and are therefore used under different circumstances.

Originally, in the area where fire pumps were used, fire pumps could be divided into car fire pumps, including street motorcycle pumps, marine fire pumps, fuel pumps and the like. The vehicle fire pump is installed around the chassis of the fire engine. As we saw in the name, marine fire pumps are used for a variety of Marines and boats. Engineering fire pump is mainly used in fire hydrant technology.

Second, the use of fire pumps is also affected by the maximum rated pressure. When the maximum rated stress is more than 4.0MPa, the standard stress fire pump is used even when the maximum rated stress is lower than 1.6MPa, even with a pneumatic diaphragm pump.

Third, pump is divided into different varieties according to the main function of the pump. The issue of liquid transport is very important, mainly because it is closely related to the production capacity of the equipment. The choice of vertical fire pump or petrochemical pump also depends on the flow of liquid.

Fourth, the choice of non-powered fire pump or fire pump group is closely related with the power. With enough impellers, a motor-less fire pump should be selected to perform its proper function. On the other hand, fire pump sets are very necessary when more energy is needed.

Fifth, the main functions of various fire pumps are also very different. For example, pressurized water supply and drainage in mining operations are typically done by using a hydrant pump. Fire pump regulator is mainly used to help the main pump, and maintain high pressure in a certain period of time.

Electric fire pump is now more typical, it is no exaggeration to say that electric fire pump symbolizes the basic trend of this market. In fact, the choice of fire pump is not reliable without taking into account the key factors listed above. In addition to the fire pump driving mode, the cost of eliminating the fire pump's viability, among other factors, is also a key factor affecting people's choices to a large extent.

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