How To Reduce The Energy Consumption Of The Summer Pump

- Dec 06, 2017 -

    Surface and hydraulic pressure vortex chamber (also known as rough surface corrosion). Surface anti-corrosion bumps can reduce the pump 7-8%, only with wire brush and iron ore paper or grinding wheel to make it work to reduce fuel consumption by 9% ~ 14%.

    Sealing ring clearance. According to the samples, when in impeller radius increased 4 millimeter between direction, pump water will be reduced by 10%, Only when the maintenance with organic adhesive and asbestos line to restore the gap, can make provisions in the oil pump power or 10% - 12%.

Water pressure chamber and the axis of the impeller does not coincide. According to the test, when the water pressure chamber and the axis of the impeller from 2 mm or greater than 2 degrees, landform pump water will reduce 5-6%; When measuring, attentive, need careful find a position of the centre axis loading, can make the oil pump in work or consumption reducing 6-7%。

    Leaf installation angle. When the blade installation angle, pump water will be reduced by about 5%. Repair, use, installation point of view is the foot, you can make the pump in the work of solid or reduce the consumption of array can be reduced by 5% -6%.

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