Main Points Of Daily Nursing Of Centrifugal Pump

- May 31, 2017 -

(1) The maintenance of centrifugal pump should be regularly checked into the water pipe road, stuffing letter, such as there is no leakage phenomenon, such as leakage of pressure gauge reading will drop, the pump will have abnormal sound, to pick

Take measures to prevent leakage; otherwise, the amount of water will be reduced.

(2) The maintenance of centrifugal pump should always check whether there is floating in the vicinity of the inlet pipe to prevent clogging of the inlet. When the water in the pool falls too low, should stop running; Otherwise, the inlet will produce Eddy current, suction the air into the pump. If the water level in the pool is low, but can maintain pumping, in need of drought, can be generated in the place of the vortex to cover a plank on the water, to prevent air into the pump, in order to facilitate the work of the pump.

(3) with the transmission of the unit should keep the face clean and dry, with the surface glow, can be cleaned with oily and dirt on the surface with oil, to prevent slipping, and pay attention to the tightness of the belt at any time.

(4) The centrifugal pump maintenance in the sediment-laden river pumping, should pay attention to the sediment content should not exceed 7%; otherwise, the pump efficiency will be significantly reduced, the flow rate is reduced, and the over-current part is easy to wear.

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