Operation Procedure For Split Case Pump

- Dec 13, 2017 -

Operation procedure for split case pump  - Requirements for pump operator

1、the operator also need to be familiar with three thing(familiar with the structure of the equipment and the basic working principle and process, familiar with the post of the rules and regulations, familiar with the equipment operating procedures and accident handling methods),.three things can do (can analyze the operation of pump, Can

found fault and troubleshooting in time , can hold the general maintenance skills) , And can be familiar with the role of various buildings in the station.

2、the operator will check the pump  at any time ,in accordance with the requirements of the tour inspection.

3、the operator must follow the requirements of the pump operating record table, to check and record, implement the succession system carefully .

4、the operator must be familiar with the structure and performance of the split case pump, must passing the test to obtain an operation permit certificate before independent operation.

5、the operator must accordance with the provisions of the pump lubrication table to refuel strict (time ,quantity and quality  must be regular). After filling the oil, cup cover should be covered.

6、the operator should be careful to do three  things (management, use, repair), four things can do(can use, can maintain, can check, can rule out the failure).

7、the split case pump will be prohibited  operating over the rated parameters.

8、the operator must comply with the use of equipment: five disciplines and four  provisions  (maintenance and requirements of  the equipment).

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