Preparation Of Water Pump Before Maintenance

- May 31, 2017 -

All kinds of pump products in the use of a certain period of time after the maintenance work, water pump maintenance should be held before the preparation, clear work tasks, the inspectors to carry out safety education and technical disclosure, water pump maintenance and maintenance of the timing of the construction has been identified, water pump maintenance needs of spare parts and corresponding materials have been available, water pump maintenance-specific tools and inspection of qualified measuring tools, utensils have been set, the labor protection supplies, lifting facilities for inspection, should comply with the safety requirements, The use of explosion-proof tools must be used in the overhaul of oil pump products in flammable and explosive locations. Check the vibration value of each part of the machine pump before the shutdown, the bearing temperature and the last maintenance data and related drawings, prepare the latest version of the maintenance work instruction book, handle the construction work ticket, the construction work ticket has been according to the stipulation procedure to approve well, confirms the construction operation ticket stipulation the content already to carry

The production workshop confirms that the motor has been cut off, the production workshop technician confirms the power off, the production workshop operator site confirmed the power off, confirms the machine pump motor has been shut down, the construction personnel confirmed to meet the equipment safety maintenance condition, responsible for the construction site to confirm the power failure, to confirm the machine pump motor has been cut off to confirm that the pump has been isolated, pressure relief, valve locked, listed, such as the hot water circulating pump should be confirmed that the temperature of the pump to the construction of the temperature, venting media, the demolition of ancillary equipment and Open the valve of the stainless steel centrifugal pump, empty the residual liquid, disassemble the attached equipment and the attached pipeline, and pay attention to the media cannot flow to the ground when the pipeline is emptied and disassembled. With a clean object to bind the pipeline entrance, to prevent debris into the pipeline, the pipeline using a bandage and can not plug the way, such as the use of water pump is a coupling of chemical flow pump products should be the first to vent the bearing box lubricants, waste oil recovery to special containers.

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