Products And Services Are The Largest Market For Air Energy Heat Pump Dealers

- Aug 27, 2019 -

At present, the domestic diesel water pump heat pump industry is in full swing, not only the air-energy heat pump heating market that has become red and purple, but also the domestic and commercial “all-purpose” air-energy water heater market is still showing a busy year. When the media went online to visit the market, a brand dealer said that “as long as the company’s products are good and the after-sales service is good, we have no worries in the market.”

Products and services are the biggest backing for air-energy heat pump dealers to open up markets

With the expansion of popularity and influence, many air energy companies have begun to exert their strength in the field of heating. Many cities in the north have begun to become new battlefields for air-energy heat pump enterprises, especially in the “coal-to-electricity” air-energy heat pump heating project in Beijing. Under the impetus, regardless of whether or not the company has won the bid, the Dongfeng of “coal to electricity” has begun to develop the market.

However, the market is the best test site. When the air energy company picks up the heat pump heating order, the air heating heat pump products will also accept the most real experience of the realest environment. According to some dealers, many do not have ultra-low temperature heat pumps. Air energy enterprise products with R&D and complete machine manufacturing capabilities, when used in the northern market, when there are heavy snow, frost and other weather, there are also phenomena such as downtime, freezing of evaporators, freezing of pipes, etc. It is in a dilemma for customers and businesses.

Beijing “Guangzhou Electric Power” designated service brand – Zhejiang Zhongguang Electric Co., Ltd. heat pump heating technology in charge of the reporter said in an interview, when the temperature is below 5 ° C, the air energy heat pump unit operating efficiency is extremely low, It is necessary to start electric auxiliary heating, but the energy efficiency of the general unit is often low when using electric auxiliary heating. We know that the air energy heat pump absorbs the heat outside the evaporator through the evaporator. Once the outdoor temperature is low, the outdoor energy absorbed by the evaporator is reduced, and the amount of refrigerant flowing back into the compressor is correspondingly reduced.

In order to solve this pain point, the Otis Air Energy Technology R&D team installed an economizer from the condenser and intercepted some of the high-temperature refrigerant to return to the compressor to supplement the part of the refrigerant and lubricating oil that was insufficient due to low outdoor temperature in winter. The compressor can work normally and efficiently, and the low temperature unit can operate safely and stably at an ultra-low temperature of -30 °C, and the COP value is not less than 1.6 (providing national inspection report).

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