Selection Of Submersible Pump

- May 31, 2017 -

Submersible pumps have been widely used in various sectors. Especially in the urban drainage system, because submersible pump machine, can dive operation, save civil investment, is conducive to the realization of automated management, thus widely used. According to the experience of pump station renovation and operation, this paper sums up the characteristics of submersible pump in the design and operation of drainage pump station.

I. Advantages of submersible pump unit

1. The submersible pump used in the drainage pump station has a large flow rate, a wide range of head, stable performance, and submersible pump.

2. Easy installation and maintenance.

3, Pump machine water operation, save land, simplify civil engineering, can save the total cost of the project $number.

4, low noise, no high temperature in pump station, can improve operating environment.

5, can completely solve the water level higher pumping station pump motor flooded problem.

6, the auxiliary equipment is few. The automatic management of pump station can be realized with the corresponding starting device.

7, save the middle water transmission shaft device, pump machine operation safe and reliable.

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