Several Methods To Control The Flow Of Submersible Pump

- May 31, 2017 -

For the use of submersible pumps, we are mainly drainage, then the water and water flow control, I believe many do not know the solution, then the submersible pump control of the flow of a variety of adjustment methods to explain.

1. Speed adjustment. Change the speed of the submersible pump, can make the performance of the pumps change, so that the pump operating point changes, this method is called speed-change mediation.

2. Variable diameter adjustment. After turning the impeller, the performance of the pump will change according to certain law, so that the working condition of the pump can change. We turn the turning impeller to change the pump working condition point method, called the variable diameter regulation.

3. Variable angle adjustment. Changing the angle of the installation of the vane can change the performance of the pump so as to change the working condition point of the submersible pump. This way of changing the working condition point is called the variable angle regulation of the pump.

4. Throttling regulation. For the water outlet Road to install the gate valve pump device, the gate valve off the hour, in the pipeline to increase the local resistance, then the pipeline characteristic curve becomes steeper, its working condition point along the water pump's QH curve to move above the left. The smaller the gate, the greater the resistance, and the smaller the flow. This method of changing the pump operating point by turning off the small gate valve is called throttle regulation or variable valve regulation.

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