The Development Trend Of Chinese Water Pumps

- Aug 29, 2019 -

The requirements for the development of agricultural diesel water pumps are to increase efficiency, reduce energy consumption and make full use of natural energy. Replacing multiple small pumps with one large pump can improve unit efficiency, save materials, reduce energy consumption and engineering cost, and facilitate automated management. Therefore, various large axial flow pumps and mixed flow pumps have developed rapidly. The maximum impeller diameters are 4.6 meters and 6.2 meters respectively, and the supporting power is up to 12,500 kilowatts. The mixed flow pump has replaced some high lift axial flow pumps and low lift centrifugal pumps. trend. In the deep well water lifting, the main development of submersible electric pump, its maximum diameter has reached 1 meter, and some use 6000 volt high-voltage motor, the maximum power of 2500 kW. Water wheel pumps, wind pump pumps, screw pumps, diaphragm pumps driven by various human and animal forces, piston pumps and pumps dedicated to sprinkler irrigation equipment have also received varying degrees of attention in China and other countries.

Energy conservation and emission reduction has become the primary content of China's economic development planning plan, and it has put forward an increasingly strict emission reduction policy for high energy consumption in industries such as electricity, steel, nonferrous metals, petrochemicals and water treatment. Pumps, as the industrial center fluid transport equipment, have the most important energy consumption, and have become the primary issue for energy-saving operations. The most common driving method for pumps is to drive them with an electric motor. The first step in the energy saving of diesel engines is to operate the pump unit (pump, prime mover and some of the shifts) at the highest power, so that the power input from the outside world is reduced to the lowest point. The energy saving of the pump enables comprehensive skills, which touch the pump's own energy saving, system energy saving and operation and operation. The energy saving effect of the pump profession is serious: the pump is a large power consumer. According to the calculation of the General Machinery Industry Association, the pump power consumption accounts for about 20% of the national power generation. The pump power promotion has serious implications for energy conservation and emission reduction. Article 4 of the State Council's Regulations on Property Management: “The state encourages the selection of new skills and new methods, and relies on scientific and technological progress to improve property management and service levels”. Power saving management has always been one of the key operations for property equipment. China's urbanization construction continues to push, and there are more and more high-level communities and properties. Energy-efficient pumps that ensure energy-saving rates in shopping malls have become hot products.

In response to the country's need to build a resource-conserving society, photovoltaic pumps have become a new research trend. Photovoltaic pump systems use the sun's long-lasting energy, sunrise and sunset, no need for personnel to watch, no public power grid, independent operation, reliable . The system can be matched with modern energy-saving irrigation facilities such as drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, infiltration irrigation, and micro-irrigation irrigation to solve the problems of drinking water, farmland irrigation, soil and water conservation and desert management in remote and arid areas. The effective water-saving and energy-saving of the PV pump system has greatly reduced the investment of traditional energy sources and achieved zero CO2 emissions, which is in line with the national development of “resource-saving” and “environmentally friendly” social development strategies. Solar water pump, also known as photovoltaic water pump, is the most attractive water supply in the sun-rich areas of the world, especially in remote areas where electricity and electricity are scarce. Using solar energy that is available everywhere and inexhaustible, the system automatically makes sunrises. It is a green energy system that combines economics, reliability and environmental benefits. It does not require personnel to be supervised and the maintenance workload can be minimized. The photovoltaic water pump system is another new energy application system after the photovoltaic (wind power) power station, photovoltaic building integration and photovoltaic lighting system of China Electric Power Solar Research Institute.

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