The Level Of Pump Design And Manufacture Is Increasing

- May 31, 2017 -

With the continuous improvement of pump design and manufacture technology and application technology, the manufacture and production of pumps are developing along the direction of large-scale, high-capacity, high speed, high-speed, serialization, generalization and standardization. The automatic control level of pump station is more and more high.

In the past 2009 years, large-scale pump technology developed rapidly, giant axial flow pump impeller diameter has reached 7m, submersible pump impeller diameter has reached LM. Our country produces the biggest single capacity 6000kW of axial flow pump, mixed flow pump 7000kW, centrifugal pump 8000kW, high pressure boiler feed water pump single capacity up to 60000kW; the new centrifugal submersible pump pumping flow has reached 1800m 3, the corresponding head Llom, maximum water output up to 28800m, and the trend of further expansion. In the pumping station, there are a number of new large-scale water pumping stations, such as "egg" type structural pumping station, access to water pipes, pools, such as pumping station. With the use of submersible pumps in the drainage area, there are a number of small space, investment provinces, new structure of large and medium-sized water pumping stations, such as steel or reinforced concrete construction of the wet-well pump structure.

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