The Pump Station Will Be Automated

- May 31, 2017 -

With the constant improvement of the water pump cavitation and material strength, the speed of the pump is also getting faster. In in the 1980 of the 20th century, the international level of multi-stage centrifugal pump speed of 7500r Min, has been increased to 10000r Min. The increase of rotational speed is bound to raise the lift of pump. 2009, the boiler to pump the single level of lift has broken the record of 1000m, multi-stage pump head can reach more than 2000m. To further achieve high process, it is bound to improve the speed of the pump. After that, with the continuous progress of technology, pump speed has been further to the direction of high-speed development. In the pump industry, this high-speed development trend is universal.

Product serialization, generalization, standardization (referred to as "three") is the inevitable requirement of modern industrial production process. 1975 International Standardization Association established the main size and specification parameter of Single-stage centrifugal pump with rated pressure of 720kPa (Iso2858). This standard pump's performance range is: The flow is 6.3, the head is 25 125m. In 2009, all pumps that meet this specification have been sold as standard pumps in Europe. China since 1958, in the Unified Model, series classification, stereotypes and other aspects have done a lot of work, the pump bracket, suspension, bearing racks and other major components have been a series of standards, the product of the "three" degree of continuous improvement.

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