Types Of Clean Water Pumps

- Aug 23, 2019 -

1. Self-priming clean water pump: The water source quality is good relative to the fixed working position. The suction pipe is stable within 3.5 meters. It can be used to reduce the water filling when pumping water in the water well and the orchard irrigation. The actual lift is below 22 meters. Poor working efficiency chemical pump. When the first operation is put into operation, the circulating emptying water should be added first, and the pump can complete the self-priming.

2, water-filled clean water pump: water quality, good mobility, large pipelines are relatively unfixed, the actual lift within 2.5 meters of the suction range is within 32 meters, the pump flow can be arbitrarily adjusted according to needs, suitable for seeding professional households to spray pesticides, irrigation water supply, work More efficient. The suction pipe should ensure a good seal.

3. Submersible clean water pump: The water source has sufficient head and the valve is suitable for irrigation with large amount of water in farmland orchards. As the submersible pump is placed in the water, the axial pushing water rises, and reducing the water output will increase the pump load. Therefore, do not install a valve in the outlet pipe of the submersible pump to prevent the motor from being burned out due to excessive resistance of the pump when the valve is turned off.

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