Water Supply And Drainage System Maintenance Plan

- Aug 16, 2019 -

(1) Maintenance purpose

     Maintain the maintenance of the water supply and drainage system equipment and ensure that the performance of the water supply and drainage facilities is intact.

(2) Maintenance items and contents;

   Maintenance of the water pump unit. Clean and maintain all pump units once a quarter, check the operation of the water supply and drainage pipes.

(3) Maintenance and repair of the feed pump motor:

     Use 500V shaker to check whether the insulation resistance of the motor coil is above 0.5MΩ, otherwise it should be dried or repaired;

     Check the motor bearing for blockage or abnormal sound, if any, replace the same type of bearing;

     Check the motor fan blades for shelling, and if necessary, trim them;

     Clean the motor casing;

     Check the paint on the motor casing for serious paint stripping. If the paint stripping is serious, thoroughly remove the paint from the peeling layer and repaint it.

(4) Maintenance and repair of diesel engine pumps:

     Check whether the water pump bearing is flexible. If there is any blockage, it should be filled with lubricating oil; if there is abnormal friction, replace the bearing with the same type and specification;

     Turn the water pump shaft. If there is any stuck or collision phenomenon, the pump impeller of the same specification should be replaced; if the shaft keyway is seriously damaged, the pump shaft of the same specification should be replaced;

     Check if the water at the root of the platen is leaking into a line, and if so, press the packing;

Clean the appearance of the pump; if the pump is stripped or rusted, the paint should be completely removed and the paint should be repainted.

     Check the motor and pump flexible coupling for damage. If it is damaged, it should be replaced.

     Check that the pump unit bolts are tight. If loose, tighten them.


    Tighten all nuts.

(5) Maintenance management of water supply pipelines:

     One of the frequent failures in water supply piping systems is water leakage, which causes water supply pressures and flows to fail to meet user requirements, while increasing recurring operating costs. Therefore, the task of maintenance management of the water supply pipeline system lies in the inspection of leaks, water supply accessories, maintenance of control accessories, maintenance of bad pipes, anti-freezing of water pipes and pipeline cleaning.

1, leak detection

    On-site field leak detection every quarter, leak detection methods are leak detection, hearing leakage, school leakage, etc., generally selected according to specific conditions.

    Checking for leaks is to look at leaks. The wall-mounted water supply pipe only needs to check whether the floor, the wall, the ground and other pipes pass through the place where there is dripping or wetting, so that the water leakage point can be quickly detected and repaired in time. When the buried water supply pipe has a large amount of water leakage, generally there is a spring-like small stream of water flowing from the ground up in the leaking place, or partial ground subsidence, wet road surface on sunny days, and melting of snow and ice in some places in winter. .

    Listening to the leak is to use a metal leaking rod. When the night is quiet, insert the leaking rod into the ground where the pipeline may pass, or touch the valve and the fire hydrant, and close the other end to the ear. Listen carefully to the leaking sound. At the point of water leakage, the sound of water leakage will increase. When listening to the leak, you can listen to it every 4-8m along the place where the pipeline passes. In special cases, devices such as semiconductors and ultrasonics will be used to detect leak detectors.

    The school leakage is to find the water leakage point and the water leakage amount by using the water meter. The school leakage work should be carried out in a partition. When the school leaks, all the valves around the pipe network in the area need to be closed, and the user is not allowed to use water. Only one pipe with water meter and the pipe network in the area are connected. If the pointer of the water meter rotates, it indicates that the pipe network in the area is leaking.

2, overhaul

     After the leak location of the pipe network is found out, analyze the cause of the water leakage and use different methods to repair it according to the situation.

     The reason for leakage or water seepage in the indoor water supply pipe is generally caused by factors such as poor pipe joints or serious corrosion. Corrosion occurs mostly at the wire joint or in the dark area. If the threaded joint or pipe fittings are not strict enough to cause water leakage, the partial pipe section should be removed, the packing should be tightened, or the pipe should be replaced; the welded connecting pipe can be plugged by the repair welding method; the pipe with serious corrosion should be replaced immediately.

    The reasons for water leakage or water seepage in the outdoor buried water supply pipe are generally that the pipe joint is not strict, and the external pipe or the foundation sinking causes the local pipe section to be damaged. When the pipe joint leaks, if it is a green lead interface, it can be re-opened, or the green lead in the interface can be removed from the lead strip; if the cement, asbestos cement or pure rubber ring interface leaks, the filler in the interface should be removed. Brush, replace the material, and re-mouth. When the pipeline is damaged or leaked due to external load or pipe foundation sinking, the small crack on the straight pipe section may be clamped by the steel plate clamp, or repaired by the welded steel casing pouring interface. For larger cracks or cracks at the pipe joint, The damaged pipe section or fitting should be replaced.

(6) Maintenance of drainage pipes:

     Common faults in drain systems are water leaks or pipe blockages. Therefore, the daily maintenance management of the drainage pipe is to eliminate the leakage point and clear the blocked pipe section.

     1: Water leakage in the drainage pipe When the indoor drainage pipe leaks, the wall surface or floor slab near the pipe is wet, and the ceiling sheds water when it is serious; when the outdoor drainage pipe leaks, the soil near the pipe appears to sink or wet the diesel engine fire pump.

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