Well Diesel Engine Water Pump Layout Installation Method

- Aug 15, 2019 -

New machine engineering

1 Machine engineering construction method

Construction preparation

When installing the rig, keep a certain distance from high-altitude lines, buried power lines, structures, and high-rise buildings.

The installation of the drilling rig and its ancillary equipment must be firm and reliable, easy to operate, and the axis of the wire rope and the looper should be consistent, and must not be displaced during the drilling process.

Make the construction site of Lutong, Shuitong, Dentsu (or ready for mechanical power equipment) smooth.

The materials required for construction must be prepared before drilling before design and delivered to the well site in time.

Geophysical exploration

According to the design documents and materials, combined with the on-site topography and landforms, on the basis of visiting the local people, the detectors were used for detection and analysis.

2, making holes

Make sure that the hole position is correct, the well axis meets the design deviation requirements, and the hole quality should be checked during the drilling process.

According to the condition of the soil layer or rock formation and the opening dimension of the wellbore, the diameter and depth of the installation of the protection hole tube are determined. The inner diameter of the protection hole tube is 50-100 mm larger than the hole drill bit of the well, and the depth of the penetration hole should be in the impervious layer or Fill the tamping with a clay ball to ensure the stability of the perforated tube.

3, into the hole

(1) Quality control of raw materials and semi-finished products

The quality of raw materials is taken from the aspects of procurement, stacking, storage and use to control its quality. According to the engineering needs and design standards, the location, quantity and model of the procurement shall be determined. The purchased materials must meet the actual needs and the requirements of the national standards. The well pipes that meet the requirements for engineering use shall be customized in the formal manufacturers, and the product certification shall be attached.

The raw materials are stacked separately and formed separately to prevent mixing and personal management. Re-examine the quality of the raw materials before use to avoid expiration. In particular, the pre-made manifold must be inspected before the date of use and the strength level meets the design requirements.

(2) Equipment management

During construction, tools such as wire ropes and well pipes should be thoroughly inspected before use, and it is found that the strands are slipped and replaced immediately, and no action should be taken. Prepare emergency measures to prepare for emergency equipment and ensure that well pipes are safe.

(3) Construction personnel management

Before the construction, organize relevant personnel to study the installation rules and technical requirements of the well pipe, formulate a feasible construction plan, and formulate control measures for technical requirements and construction plans, and arrange experienced and savvy engineering and technical personnel to carry out operations. Ready, some are lost.

(4) Construction method

Before drilling, level the tamping site, prepare the water source and put in the 2m high steel casing before drilling. The drilling process should be strictly in accordance with the specifications and regulations of the Machine Specifications. After the drilling is completed, use a straight-eye drill to dig the hole, and the hole should be once to the bottom of the well. Make the hole straight and straight up and down, and the inclination should not exceed 1.5°. After the dredging is completed, it should be rinsed and gradually diluted with the mud washing liquid to wash away the thick mud on the well wall.

According to the design requirements, the manhole pipe wire rope tray lower pipe method is adopted respectively. The equipment required for this method includes cranes, pallets, tip nails, winches, wire ropes, etc. The operation methods are as follows:

When lowering the tube, first insert the four lifting wire ropes from the four perforations of the tray, so that the four rope sleeves are overlapped and aligned with the tip holes of the tray, the surface of the nail is coated with butter, and the nail holes are inserted into the nail holes. The tray of the bottom rope is placed on the backing plate of the wellhead before the well pipe is installed.

Installation of well pipes

The well pipe, before the lower pipe, must strictly check the specifications and quality of the wellbore, well wall pipe, grit pipe, filter water pipe, etc. The standard is implemented according to SL/T154-95 "Concrete and reinforced concrete well pipe standard". Diesel engine water pump and concrete well pipe joints are bonded. When bonding, first coat a layer of asphalt at the joint of two well pipes. The joint of the outer wall of the well pipe is covered with asphalt coated linoleum for one week. The length of the lap joint is not less than 300mm. The outer wall of the well pipe is wrapped vertically with 6 bamboo pieces, and then bundled with galvanized iron wire. The base of the well pipe should be flat, coated with a layer of asphalt in contact with the grit tube, and covered with a layer of linoleum coated with asphalt.

When the lower pipe is used, the suspended lower pipe method is adopted. The wire rope is used to hold and hoist the bottom plate of the well, the well pipe is lifted, and the well pipe is slowly lowered, so that the chassis and the pipe end are connected together, and then the second pipe is hoisted. The first section of the tube is tied and connected, and so on until the well tube flag is completely installed, and the wire rope is taken out.

The well pipes are combined, arranged and sequenced according to the formation data of the borehole, according to the pipe strength, the depth of the pipe and the crane capacity.

The connection of the well pipe must be straightened and closed tightly.

When using the lower tube of the tray, first apply asphalt on the tray, insert the well tube into the socket of the tray, wrap the 3-4 ring plastic film at the interface, and evenly surround the joint with 6-8 bamboo poles, then use 8 The lead wire is tied to the upper and lower sides of the interface by 3-5, so that the well pipe and the tray are firmly connected.

Lift the tray and the sedimentation tube. After the bottom rope is strenuous, remove the pad and slowly drop it. The tray is lowered to the bottom of the well. The well pipe is installed. After the correction is correct, the pipe body is fixed and does not swing. Then pull out the bottom rope and backfill the filter material. When the lower pipe is used, the descending speed of the four ropes must be the same to prevent the well pipe from tilting. The well pipe should be kept in the well hole to avoid tilting. Each shuttle must be connected. The crane operator should not leave the brakes when the pipe is under the pipe to prevent the accident. occur.

When laying down the pipe, it is necessary to prevent groundwater that does not meet the water intake requirements from flowing into the well contaminated well water.

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