What Is The Reason For The Small Amount Of Water On The Diesel Engine Pump Or Not?

- Aug 20, 2019 -

1. Diesel engine water pump output pipe resistance is large,

Open the pump outlet valve appropriately to bring it to the operating point.

2. Impeller and pipe blockage,

Clean the pipe and impeller runners.

3. The pump installation height is too high,

The pump installation height is within the allowable value of the vacuum height of the pump.

4. The suction pipe is too long and has many elbows, and the piping design is unreasonable.

Rational design and layout of pipes.

5. The direction of rotation is incorrect.

Adjust the motor steering.

6. Impeller seal ring and pump body seal ring are worn and corroded,

Replace the impeller seal ring and the pump seal ring.

7. Packing seals are not well sealed and the packing is tightened.

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