Pump Controller

The Pump Controller includes Automatic Control For Water Pump, Diesel Engine Fire Pump Controller, Fire Pump Control Panel, VFD Inverter Drive Electric Pump Contoller, Electronic Pump Controller, and so on.
E.g. Diesel Engine Fire Pump Controller
1. A more attractive appearance;
2. Increase the thickness of the shell;
3. High temperature resistance: 50℃ test;
4. With integer and non-integer quantitative refueling function;
5. Accuracy measurement accuracy up to 0.2%;
6. Professional All our fuel dispensers are explosion-proof design;
7. Two-way control valve to ensure precise control of small amounts of fuel;
8. Our design is compact, the layout is more reasonable, and the operation efficiency is improved;
9. Double-layer steel mesh, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, pressure-resistant pipe;
10. The use of new electromagnetic switches greatly improves the safety and stability of use and prolongs the service life.
Diesel Engine Fire Pump Controller is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, small and medium-sized oil depots, diesel and kerosene gas stations. It has the advantages of reasonable design, compact structure and small size. Fine, easy to carry, high precision, large flow, easy to use, easy to maintain and so on.
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