VFD Inverter Drive Electric Pump Contoller

VFD Inverter Drive Electric Pump Contoller uses advanced AC frequency control technology and microcomputer control technology. It consists of frequency converter (speed ), programmable controller or intelligent frequency control constant pressure water supply controller and introduction low voltage electrical apparatus. It is the new energy saving water supply equipment.

This control cabinet take the pressure of system network transient changes as the stable parameter (Comparative positioning ) and control the output frequency of converter by microcomputer. It can automaticly track and adjust the pump speed to achieve the closed loop regulation of system pressure PID, thus ensuring the pressure of end network is constant, so that the entire water supply system sustainable and efficient operation. When the water consumption increases, the inverter output frequency will be larger, the pump speed accelerate, the water supply increase; when the water consumption is reduced, the inverter output frequency is smaller, pump speed slow down, the water supply reduce, to ensure users' the water pressure and flow need. Using variable frequency constant pressure water supply type, do not need to build a high level water tank, water tower, the water quality corresponding not easy to get the second pollution.


1. Select international famous brands including Danfoss, ABB, Fuji, Sanken or domestic well known frequency conversions.

2. Digital PID controller with keyboard operation, digital display and automatic run without watcher men.

3. The circuit design is concise and clear, which is easy to analyze and repair the malfunctions.

4. Excellent performance, flexible control, strong anti-interference ability and stable reliability.

5. Adjusting the pump motor speed without wastage to achieve water supply changes from zero to the maximum level of the systems.

6, Under the automatic mode, the pump motor automatically starts. No impact On the grid and pipeline network , greatly extend the life of pumps, motors, piping, electrical control system ;

7, Manual and automatic control settings, can ensure the equipment safely and continuously run;

8. Control procedures, can realize variety of control ways according to the demands of users. Such as: time switch system, fire linkage, low flow and zero flow automatically shutdown sleep, centralized management of PC,etc.

9. Multiple pumps can run cycle alternately , balance the average work time to extend the pump life, to avoid the corrosion caused by long-term no running of standby pump , ensure the pump can run smoothly when there is fire.

10. Powerful basic control function, rich optional extra functions

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