Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal Pump is available in vertical, horizontal, single-stage, multi-stage, single-suction, double-suction, self-priming and other forms. The centrifugal pump works by rotating the impeller to cause the water to move in a centrifugal motion. Before the pump is started, the pump casing and the suction pipe must be filled with water, and then the motor is started, so that the pump shaft drives the impeller and water to perform high-speed rotation movement, the water is centrifugally moved, and is raked to the outer edge of the impeller, and flows through the volute pump casing. The road flows into the water pressure line of the pump.
The basic structure of the centrifugal pump is composed of eight parts: impeller, pump body, pump cover, water retaining ring, pump shaft, bearing, sealing ring and stuffing box.
working principle
Centrifugation is actually the expression of the inertia of an object, such as water droplets on an umbrella. When the umbrella rotates slowly, the water droplets will follow the umbrella. This is because the friction between the umbrella and the water droplets acts as a centripetal force to the water droplets. But if the umbrella rotates faster, this friction is not enough to make the water droplets move in a circular motion, then the water droplets will move away from the outer edge of the umbrella, just like pulling a stone with a rope to make a circular motion. If the speed is too fast, the rope will Disconnected, the stones will fly out. This is called centrifugation.
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