Single Stage Vertical Inline Centrifugal Monoblock Pump

Range : 

    1. Capacity : up to 2500m3/h  

    2. Head : up to160m

    3. Speed : up to 3600rpm

    4. Power : up to 250kw

    5. Voltage : 220V to 690V

    6. Temperature range : Within 120 Deg C

Construction Material :

1. Casing/ Cover/: Grey Cast Iron ,Ductile Iron , Carbon Steel ,SS304, SS316 ,SS316L

2. Impeller : Grey Cast Iron ,Ductile Iron,Cast Steel,SS304,

SS316,SS316L, Bronze

3. Shaft :2Cr13( SS420), Carbon steel,SS304

4. Seal Type : Mechanical Seal (gland packing seal is not available for vertical inline pump)

5. Flange Standard : DIN 

6. Impeller Type:Closed 

Advantage :

    1. Compact structure, small volume, beautiful outlook. The lower barycenter of the vertical structure which co-insides with the center of the pump feet strengthens the stability of running and the duration. 

    2. Impeller directly mounted on the extended shaft of the motor, short axial dimension, reasonable configuration of pump and motor. 

    3. Easy to mount. Because of the same sizes of both inlet and outlet which also locate on the same central line, the pump can be directly mounted on any part of the pipeline just as a valve. (Inline pump type) The motor is covered with a rain-proof cap so that operation can be done outdoors. 

    4. Stable running, low noise, high concentricity of components. Bearings of low noise are used for the motor, the impellers are of best dynamic and static balance, no vibration at running. 

    5. No leakage. The shaft is mechanically sealed with carbide alloy wearable material, extending the duration 

    6. Easy to maintain. Not necessary to remove the pipe line for check-out and maintenance, only to take out the nuts on the pump lid, the motor and the driving components.

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