Vertical Split Case Centrifugal Pump

TPOW series double suction split volute centrifugal pump is produced by our company based on importing the advanced technology from Germany in accordance with the market demand. The structure can be both horizontal and vertical and also can be single stage and double stage .By using the original and modified impeller and cutting, the pump boasts a full and wide range of spectrum and high service efficiency. It boasts stable performance, high efficiency, compact structure, small vibration, strong resistance to pressure of pump body and being easy for installation and maintenance.

Technical Parameter:(50HZ & 60HZ)

Capacity:up to 20000/h

Head:up to 250m

Speed:up to 3600rpm

Temp.:up to 200 Deg C

Diameter:up to 1200mm

Particle:up to 80mg/L

Pressure:up to 25bar

Volute Casing Centrifugal Pump Construction:

Design Standard:GB , DIN2455 

Flange Standard:GB , DIN2501 , ISO7005.2

Impeller Type:Double Suction Closed

Seal Type: Mechanical Seal or Gland Packing

Pump Features:

1. TPOW pumps work stably with less noise and vibration and can work at a lifting speed due to. Short Support at both sides, thus they can be widely used. 

2. The pipelines arrangement of type TPOW pump looks simple and beautiful due to inlet and outlet at a Same center line. 

3. The same rotor of type TPOW pumps can be operated at reverse direction to avoid damage to the pumps By water hammer. 

4. Unique design of type TPOW pumps working at high temperature using middle support to fasten the Pump casing and using cooling seals oil lubrication bearing then pump suitable for working at 200 degree Especially for supplying heated water to pipe net system. 

5. TPOW pump casting parts can be vertically or horizontally mounted according to different working Condition, with mechanical seals or packing seals. 

6. TPOW pumps look beautiful with visible lines adopting industrially designing. 


1. The efficiency of TPOW pumps are 2%~3% higher than the same type pumps due to adopting advanced Hydraulic model and thus minimum the operating costs. 

2. The NPSH of type TPOW pumps are 1-3 meters lower than the same type split pumps due to using Advanced hydraulic model and advanced manufacturing technique and thus minimize the foundation costs And extending the using life. 

3. Type TPOW pumps are suitable for any site working condition due to using SKF NSK bearing and other Parts chosen by the customers and thus minimize the maintenance costs.


1. It is very easy and simple to replace the mechanical seal due to use container type mechanical seal. 

2. It is rapid easy to assembly and dismount the rotor parts due to use elastic coupling assembling. 

3. It is unnecessary to make adjustment when assembling


TPOW series Split Case Pump is widely used for water plant, irrigation, drainage pumping station, power station, water circulation of air-conditioning, industrial water supply system, fire system and shipping industry as well as for the general purpose in the oil refining industry.

Volute Casing Centrifugal Pump Pictures show:


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