DBY Type Electric Motor Drive Pneumatic Double Diaphragm Pump for Chemical

DBY Electric Diaphragm Water Pump is one of the most novel chemical pumps. It is characterized by simple structure, convenient repairing, liquid stability, small vibration, low noise, strong self-priming capacity, and high transmission liquid viscosity. 


In recent years, breakthroughs have been made in the diaphragm material. More and more industrialized countries in the world adopt this kind of pump instead of some centrifugal pumps and screw pumps. DBY type diaphragm pump is suitable for low pressure applications. The outlet pressure of 3 or less k9f/cm2.


Performance features:

1.No need to irrigate water, self-priming capacity of more than 7 meters.

2.Good through performance, particles and mud with a diameter of 10 mm or less can easily pass.

3.Because the diaphragm will be separated from the conveying medium and the transmission machinery, the medium will not leak outwards; the pump itself has no shaft seal and the service life is greatly prolonged; according to different media, the diaphragm can be divided into neoprene rubber, fluorine rubber, and nitrile Rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene, Teflon (F46), etc., can meet different customer requirements.

4.The over-flow part of the pump medium can be divided into cast iron, stainless steel, rubber lined, aluminum alloy and fluorine-lined according to the user's requirements. The motor can be divided into common motor, explosion-proof motor, deceleration motor and electromagnetic speed-regulating motor.

Main application:

A variety of highly toxic, flammable, volatile liquids. Such as benzene and other toxic substances

All kinds of strong acid, strong alkali, strong corrosion liquid. Such as Wangshui, caustic soda, etc.

Various high-temperature liquids, up to 150°C.

As a pre-stage pressure delivery device for various solid-liquid separation devices.

Pump peanut butter, kimchi, mashed potatoes, small sausages, jam apple syrup, and chocolate.

Pump paints, gums, pigments.

Adhesives and glues, all types can be pumped.

A variety of tile glaze, porcelain glaze, brick glaze and ceramic glaze.

Pump the sediment and grouting after the oil well is drilled.

Pump various emulsions and fillers.

Pump all kinds of sewage.

Pump the sewage in the warehouse when clearing tankers and barges.

Hops and yeast flour, syrup, and sugar.

Pump water in mines, tunnels, tunnels, beneficiation and slag. Pump cement grouting and mortar.

Various rubber pulps.

Various abrasives, corrosives, oils and slurries

The main technical parameters:



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