Fire Pump

As the name implies, fire pumps are imported from foreign countries and are classified into different types according to different classification methods. It is widely used in environmental protection, water treatment, fire protection and other departments. It is used to pump all kinds of liquids. It is an ideal pump for creating a leak-free, pollution-free civilized workshop and a civilized factory fire protection system.
The pump types are similar, except that the head and flow are different. The selection criteria of the fire pump should be considered in accordance with the process flow, water supply and drainage requirements and other five aspects. The performance and technical conditions of the fire pump comply with the requirements of the "Fire Pump Performance and Test Methods" standard.
Selection knowledge
The selection of Fire Pump should be based on the process flow of the fire pump application engineering, water supply and drainage requirements, from the five aspects of liquid delivery, device head, liquid properties, piping layout and operating conditions.
Pumps for fire protection systems are divided into the following categories:
Fire sprinkler pump, fire hydrant pump, fire rated booster pump, fire booster pump, according to the actual situation of use.
The types of pumps used in fire protection systems are similar, except that the head and flow are different.
Fire pumps are mainly divided into vertical fire pumps and horizontal fire pumps. The flow rate of liquid transport is one of the important performance data of fire pump selection. The flow rate of liquid transport is directly related to the production capacity of the whole device.
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