NFPA Standard Centrifugal Fire Pump

Diesel Engine Drive Horizontal End Suction Fire Pump is designed according to the NFPA 20 Standard.

Material Construction and Configuration :

1. Pump Casing and Cover : Cast Iron GG25 ; Ductile Cast Iron GGG40 ; Bronze

2. Pump Impeller : Cast Iron GG25 ; Ductile Cast Iron GGG40 ; SS304 316 316L; Bronze

3. Shaft : Carbon steel AISI1045 ; Chrome Steel 40Cr ; SS AISI420 ; SS AISI4140 ; SS316Ti ; SS DIN1.4571 ; Duplex SS UNS S32205

4. Seal Type : Mechanical seal , Gland Packing.

5. Bearing Type : Ball Rolling

6. Shaft Sleeve : Cast Steel ,SS304 ,316,316L, Duplex SS, CD4-MCu ;

7. Wearing Ring : Cast Steel ,SS304 ,316,316L, Duplex SS, CD4-MCu ;

8. Flange Standard : ISO , DIN 

>>> Application:  

◆ Fire fighting system water supply;

◆ Agriculture irrigation;

◆ Industrial production;

◆ Urban sewerage and drainage;

◆ Water supply for living;

◆ Construction site;

◆ Boiler feed water and so on.

>>> Feature:

◆High quality diesel engine drive end suction fire fighting pump, diesel engine double-suction fire fighting pump or diesel engine self-priming fire fighting pump with a wide range of flow, pressure and application produced by us are adopted for the units of this series; 

◆ When the pump unit receives a valid fire signal, or when power failure or absence of phase occurs to the power supply system for motorized fire fighting pumps, the diesel engine fire pump will automatically start running; 

◆ It has an excellent self alarm feature, including alarm for repeatedly failure of start , for high temperature of diesel engine, alarm and shutdown for engine over speed , fire alarm for low battery, for charging failure, for indication of lack of fuel; 

◆ It is equipped with manual and automatic start-up modes, which are practical and easy to use; 

◆ The diesel engine and fire fighting pump are directly connected to ensure less failure and small vibration; 

◆ If the quantity and head do not meet actual fire fighting pressure, it can change the speed of the diesel engine to meet fire fighting water pressure; 

◆ The specially designed low temperature pre-heating system guarantees normal start up;

◆ It is possible to set the unit to periodic operation to ensure normal standby of the unit.


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