Oil Pump

The oil pump is a light and compact pump with three types: in-line, distributed and single. The oil pump must have a power source to operate, and the lower camshaft is driven by the engine crankshaft gear.
The oil pump proposes an oil pump having an outer casing made of an aluminum-containing material and a movable molded part disposed in the outer casing, wherein the movable molding is at least partially composed of a sinterable The molding material comprising at least one austenitic iron-based alloy, and wherein the molding member made of a sinterable material has a coefficient of thermal expansion of at least 60% of a coefficient of thermal expansion of the outer casing.
What are the contraindications when using the oil pump? From the perspective of oil pump repair and maintenance, we must first talk about the following points.
1. In use, it is strictly forbidden to add diesel oil to the gear oil for dilution, and do not bake the rear axle and transmission because it affects the winter start, so as to avoid serious deterioration of the gear oil. If this happens, switch to a low viscosity multi-stage gear oil.
Second, the rational use of the oil pump is conducive to gear maintenance. Gear oils have a long service life, such as the use of single-stage oils, and use different viscosity labels for seasonal maintenance. If the old oil released is not up to the oil change period, it can be used when the oil is changed again. Old oil should be kept in good condition, with strict waterproofing, mechanical impurities and waste oil pollution.
Third, change the oil in a timely manner. The oil change index should be replaced with new oil according to the regulations. When there is no oil quality analysis means, the oil can be changed according to the specified time limit. The oil change period recommended by the automobile manufacturer is 30000-48000km. When changing the oil, the old oil should be released while the gears and gear boxes are cleaned before adding new oil. When refueling, prevent moisture and impurities from entering.
Oil pumps are often used in daily production, and many places require oil pumps. However, there are some places to pay attention to when using the oil pump, in order to ensure the normal operation of the pump and the highest working efficiency and the longest service life.
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