Explosion Proof Submersible Sump Pump

BQS and BQW series mine flameproof submersible sand and sewage pumps are new flameproof and remarkably energy-saving products developed by our company on the base of sufficient market research. As a new type of pump, it is a solution to the sand discharging problem for low-flow and high-head pump, and to the water discharging in the explosive hazardous locations where there may be methane or coal dust contained in air. 

Designed and manufactured to the standard of MT/T671-2005 Flameproof Submerged sand Pump for Coal Mines, this product adopts rigorous flameproof measures for motor and uses cast steel for motor casing. This unit can be used to pump the shallow water on the surface of working ground, and can also be submerged into water for long time service. This pump is given the advantages of compact structure, light weight, easy movability, no need of priming water, double-faced seal, outstanding durability, security and suitability etc.


1.Submersible explosion proof pump 

2.Voltage can be 380V or 660V for industry application 

3. The upper part of the pump structure is an explosion-proof motor for submersible sewage pump, the middle is a mechanical seal, and the lower part is a pump. The motor is connected with the mechanical seal and the pump coaxially.

4. The cable entry adopts a special sealing structure, water can not enter the inside of the motor, and the shaft extension rubber oil seal can stop the sediment. Seals include both dynamic and static seals, and integral dual-face mechanical seals.

Technology Parameters

a. liquid temperature: 0-400C; 

b. max depth: 70m;

c. liquid PH: 4-10; 

d. the ratio of solid in liquid: no more than 5%;

e. Under pit in danger of explosion caused by gas;

f. three-phase, 380~660V, 50Hz;  voltage variation range: less than 55%

g. flame-proof for mining;

h. anti-explosion mark: ExdI


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