Industrial Vertical Cantilever Sump Submersible Pump

YW submersible sump pump  is a new general kind product which is combine with using characteristic of domestic pump on the basic of adopting advanced technique home and aboard. It has noticeable energy-saving, anti wind, non-jamming etc characteristics. It has particular effect on transport solid particles and long fiber garbage.

This kind pump adopts particularly impeller structure and new type mechanical seal,  can transport solid particles and fiber effectively. Compared with traditional impeller, the pump impeller adopts single or double runner, it is similar to a cross-section of the same size of the pipe and has perfect over-current, paired with reasonable volute room, so the pump has high efficiency, good effect on over-current .After impeller by the dynamic balance test, there has no vibration in pump working.


Application Range:

Suitable for steel works,power plant,coal works,mine,hospital,municipal works,chemical industry,medicine,building,hotel,sea water suction and drainage,etc. Applicable to transport the industrial sewage with grains and fibers,the city’s domestic sewage,rain water and pure water and also suitable

for some chemical process of chemical industry.


Using condition:

1. The medium temperature should not exceed 60℃, the weight is1-1.3KG/dm3, PH is in the range of 5-9.

2. Generally, pump must use in the range of head to ensure the motor not overloaded, if need use in the range of head, user should noted when make an order in order to produce

3. The motor current should not exceed than rated current in the working process.

4. If has some special requirement for temperature and medium, pls note the detailed condition of transported medium when ordered.

Type Designation:

100 YW 100 – 15- 7.5

100:inlet and outlet diameter(mm)

YW:vertical-submersible sump sewage pump

100:rated flow(m3/h)

15:rated head(m)

7.5 :rated power(KW)


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