Non Clog Submersible Wastewater Pump

    WQ series submersible pumps adopt single or double flow channel non-clogging impeller and wide pump body, allow solids passing through easily and fiber uneasily wound, made it most suitable to discharge sewage and dirt. And it's distinctive design of double channel and large passage impeller effects high efficiency.



    Flow: 8-10000 m3/h

    Head: 6-60 m

    Power: 0.75kw-280kw

    Speed: 580-2900 r/min

    Diameter size: 25mm-700mm(1 inch- 28inch)  

    Working Temperature: -15~60 ℃   

    PH value : 5-9


    1.Mechanical seal of tungsten carbide, silicon carbide and hard alloy materials avoids the water entering the motor.

    2. Auxiliary impeller applies to balance outer pressure of the oil cavity and prolong the motor’s service life.

    3. Unique wide flow-channel design ensures the pump has powerful passing capacity and will not easily be silted or intertwined.

    4. Can work normally even in low water level, since over 18.5kw power pumps cool off with outer circulating water automatically.

    5. Automatic protection device and control case ensure the good performance of the pump.


    1. Pumping industrial waste water.

    2. The city sewage treatment plant,hospital drainage system.

    3. Residential sewage drain station

    4. Municipal engineering,construction

    5. Underground pipe waste water

    6. Agricultural irrigation,river dredging


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