Trailer Pump

Trailer Pump mainly consists of trailer, diesel engine, coupling, pump head, impeller, back cover, mechanical seal, pump shaft, bearing seat, inlet valve, gas-liquid separation pipe, water supply valve, inlet, discharge pipe, rain cover, vacuum Auxiliary pump and other components.
The Trailer Pump adopts axial recirculation and external mixing, and through the unique design of the pump body and impeller flow passage, it can be used as a general self-priming pump without the need to install the bottom valve and the irrigation water, and also absorbs large solids and long fibers. Impurity liquid, widely used in flood control and drought relief, municipal sewage discharge, emergency drainage and other fields.
Conditions of Use:
1) Ambient temperature ≤ 50 ° C, medium temperature ≤ 80 ° C.
2) The medium PH value of cast iron is 6-9.
3) The weight of the medium does not exceed 1240kg/m3.
4) The self-priming height should not exceed 5.5 meters, the continuous water absorption height is ≤6, and the suction pipe length is ≤12 meters.
Working principle:
The pump body is provided with a liquid storage chamber, and communicates with the pump working chamber through the upper return hole and the lower circulation hole to form an axial backflow external mixing system of the pump. After the pump stops working, the pump cavity has stored a certain volume of liquid. When the pump starts, the liquid in the pump is pumped by the impeller, and the air is thrown upwards. The liquid flows through the grid of the gas-liquid separation tube. In the working chamber, the gas is discharged outside the pump, so that a certain degree of vacuum is formed in the pump to achieve self-priming.
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