Self priming Trolley Mounted Centrifugal Water Pump

1.In general, diesel engine water pump complete set will include pump+diesel engine+ PTO (power take off clutch )+base plate+normal/intelligent control panel as below:

Bare pump : self priming centrifugal pump

Size : 2 inch ,3 inch, 4inch ,6 inch ,8 inch,10 inch, 12 inch 

Diesel engine : Cummins,Chinese diesel engine 

Accessories:  Trailer : 2 wheels or 4 wheels trailer for convenient mobile ,silence-box for reduce noise, weather-proof for protect, vacuum assisted system for increasing the suction lift.

2.Trolley Mounted Centrifugal Pump Applications :

1. Municipal engineering ,Wastewater treatment ,constructional engineering 

2. Sewage collection or discharge in residential community

3. Sewage discharge in hospital and hotel

4. Centralized and staged disposal in sewage treatment plant

5. Water drainage station

6. Seriously polluted water discharge

7. Agricultural irrigation etc.

Application of Diesel Engine Driven Self Priming Pump 


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