Water Pump

A Water Pump is a machine that delivers or pressurizes a liquid. It transfers the mechanical energy of the prime mover or other external energy to the liquid, increasing the energy of the liquid, mainly for transporting liquids including water, oil, acid and alkali, emulsion, suspoemulsion and liquid metal.
Liquids, gas mixtures, and liquids containing suspended solids can also be delivered. The technical parameters of the pump performance include flow, suction stroke, lift, shaft power, water power, efficiency, etc.; according to different working principles, it can be divided into volume pump, vane pump and so on. The volumetric pump uses its change in the volume of the working chamber to transfer energy; the vane pump uses the interaction of the rotating blades with water to transfer energy, such as centrifugal pumps, axial pumps and mixed flow pumps.
Water Pump has different uses, different liquid media, different flow rates, and different lift ranges. Therefore, its structure is of course different, and the materials are different. In summary, it can be roughly divided into:
1. Urban water supply 2, sewage system 3, civil engineering, building system 4, agricultural water conservancy system 5, power station system, 6, chemical system 7, petroleum industry system 8, mining metallurgical system 9, light industrial system 10, ship system
1. If the pump has any small faults, remember not to let it work. If the filler of the pump shaft is worn out, it should be added in time. If the pump is used continuously, it will leak. The direct effect of this is that the motor consumes more energy and can damage the impeller.
2. If the pump has a strong vibration during use, be sure to stop and check what is the cause, otherwise it will cause damage to the pump.
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