Electric Motor Drive Long Shaft VTP Vertical Industrial Turbine Water Pump

This kind of Vertical Turbine Pump is mainly used for pumping non corrosive sewage or waste water below 60℃ with a suspended solid (not including fiber, the grits) content of less than 150 mg/L. LPT type vertical drainage pump is designed on the basis of LP type vertical water pumps by adding the sleeve tube in which there is lubrication water. It can suck and pump sewage or waste water below 60℃ with a certain solid grain (such as scrap iron and fine sand, coal, etc.).

√ Excellent design for high Efficiency save energy for you.

√ Flexible installation method suitable for different site.

√ Stable running, Easy to install and maintain.

Application and purpose

Petrochemical Industry pump

Seawater desalination plant or salt water pump

Municipal engineering

City flood control and drainage

Industry plant

Industrial architecture

Sewage treatment engineering

Running Data


20-5000 m3/h


3-150 m

Working Temperature

0-60 oC



√ Long Shaft Vertical Turbine Pump  Structure Advantage 

1.The inlet shall be vertical downward and the outlet horizontal above or under the base.

2.The impeller of pump is classified into enclosed type and half-opening type, and three adjustments: non-adjustable, semi adjustable and full adjustable. It is unnecessary to fill water when the impellers are fully immersed in the pumped liquid.

3.On the basis of Pump, this type is additionally fit with muff armor tubing and the impellers are made of abrasive resistant material, widening the applicability of pump.

4.The connection of impeller shaft, transmission shaft, and motor shaft applies the shaft coupling nuts.

5.It applies water lubricating rubber bearing and packing seal.

6.The motor generally applies standard Y series asynchronous motor, or YLB type  asynchronous motor as requested. When assembling Y type motor, the pump is designed with anti- reverse device, effectively avoiding reverse of pump. 

Notes before order

1.The temperature of medium shall not be higher than 60℃.

2.The medium shall be neutral and PH value between 6.5~8.5. If the medium is not consistent to the requirements, specify in the order list.

3.For VTP type pump, the content of suspended substances in the medium shall be less than 150 mg/L; for VTP type pump, the max. Diameter of solid particles in the medium shall be less than 2 mm and the content less than 2 g/L.

4 VTP type pump shall be connected with clean water or soapy water outside to lubricate the rubber bearing. For two stage pump, lubricant pressure shall not be less than operational pressure.



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