Self Priming Centrifugal Water Pump

ZX series self-priming pump is based on the relevant technical information from domestic and overseas by adsorption,digestion,improved from development of energy-saving pump.It is a self-priming pumps.It has several characters which include a compact structure,easy operation,smooth operation,easy maintenance,high efficiency,long life,and have strong self-absorption capacity and so on.No need to install the pipe and of the valve,before work just to ensure that there is quantitative pump priming can be.So it simplified the piping system,and improved the working conditions.

DN: 1''~12''

Flow: 6.3~600m3/h

Lift: 12~80m

Power: 0.75~132kw

Material: HT200/SS304/SS316

Names of Main Structural Parts



1.Applicable for city environmental protection, construction, fire, chemical, pharmaceutical, dyestuff, dyeing, 

alcohol manufacture, electricity, electricity, electroplating, paper, mining and washing, equipment cooling, etc.

2.Fitted with sprinkler, and also to flush into the air, scattered into small drops of spray, is a good toy farms,

 nurseries, orchards, tea plantations.

3.Applicable for water, sea water and with acid, alkalinity of chemical liquid and slurry with general paste 

(medium viscosity≤100 dyne s/cm2、solid content up to 30% or less).

4.It can be compatible with any types, sizes of filter press. It is the best matching type of pump which allow slurry send to filter press.

The table for pump models and its performance parameters


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