Water Supply System

1. Working principle: Water Supply System is a reciprocating plunger pump with compressed air as the power source. It uses a low-pressure gas driving surface of a large-area piston end to convert into a high-pressure liquid of a small-area piston end. The ratio of the area determines the pump pressure ratio.
2. Product parameters: Water Supply System has the characteristics of high output pressure, pressure-free energy consumption, automatic liquid absorption, automatic pressure holding, automatic pressure compensation, etc., and is suitable for various media and other advantages. Secondly, the application field is wide, the structure is simple, the reliability is strong, and the maintenance is easy. Therefore, STK products are widely used in various industrial fields, and are the first choice for industrial products and various pressure tests.
? Long sealing life and easy maintenance
? No danger of heat, sparks and flames
? Reliable structure, long life and high stability
? No electricity, no maintenance required
? High pressure can be output by self-pressurization
? Pumping stations are all made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel
? Seals are imported products that can work continuously for long periods of time
?Hose test equipment Pressure vessel pressure test special equipment
? Clamping and holding of pneumatic clamps
? Hot runners in the injection molding industry
? Hydraulic nut test equipment Container test equipment
? Car modification air tightness test Pressure test pressure test equipment
? Mold injection molding
? Inject chemical reagents into pipes or high pressure reactors
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