Fire Suppression Sprinkler Water Supply System for Fire Fighting

Fire Water Supply System is mainly used for industrial booster and fire sprinkler water supply or fire booster in fire fighting .The system inc Electrical Pumps,Pressure Tank,Controller and Accessories.The Fire Booster Pump Water Supply System is the new generation of fire water supply system with features of energy saving and sanitary.

It adopts the imported frequency converter for variable speed control, saving more energy than the valve control .It eliminates the secondary pollution of the high-level water tank and saves the expense and trouble of cleaning the water tank.the water pump unit is available for the soft starting,which reduces the impact of the starting on the power grid and prolongs the service life of the pump unit.Water supply for indoor hydrants and sprinklers, needs of domestic and fire fighting , and fire system like water curtains and showers etc. In various constructions.

Water supply flow rate: 10-100L/S

Water supply pressure: <=2.7MPa

Fire fighting reaction time: <30s


Flow: 2-160m3/h

Rotary Speed: 2900r/min

Head: 24-200m

Power: 1.1-110kw

Caliber size: 25-150mm(1 inch-6 inch)

Operation temperature: -15℃ - +120℃


1.Residential water supply: High building, residential area, villa, etc.

2.Public places: Hospital, university, gymnasium, golf course, airport, etc.

3.Commercial building: Hotel, office building, department store, large-scale sauna center.

4.Irrigation: Park, playing round, garden, farm, etc.

5.Manufacturing industry: Manufacturing, lavation equipment, food industry, factory, etc.圖片40.jpg


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